My mum’s final words.

Pharmacy has an immense potential to make change in the world one customer at a time. Rarely does any industry have the capability to support people’s lives through their most valuable asset, health. Our health is directly linked to our existence as a human species, it is what keeps us alive, without health, people live incredible amounts of pain and agony, a visit to your local hospital is enough to witness some heart wrenching people living with some of the most painful diseases.

When I was five years old my mother passed away from illness. Dad re-married the greatest woman in my life, her love for me was motherly and we grew to have the greatest bond a mother and child could ever have. Her faith in GOD was unbreakable. She was diagnosed with breast cancer  that eventually metastasised to her bone and liver. Bone cancer is one of the most crushing pains any human can endure. Watching her health deteriorate broke my heart and even though she would always smile, I knew deep inside that I would do anything to alleviate her pain and suffering. As I lay by her bedside, drawing her last breath, flashes of the 35 years of living with the most caring woman who selflessly raised me ravaged through my mind. Her final words were  “Have faith in GOD and take care of your step children as though they are your own flesh and blood”. Her compassion and empathy were angelic. If only there was a cure to keep her with me, tears rolling down my chheks I can barely see what I am writing(::

You see, her purpose was to raise children as though they were her own, so that we can learn how to care for others when it is our turn. She was a great teacher and I miss you ever so deeply my dear mums. 

My dear friends, pharmacy is the heart of a healthy community, finding your calling, the reason why you do what you do, your ultimate purpose within an industry that has such an influential role in people’s lives is meaningful and fulfilling. 

Many pharmacists and their teams unconsciously spread their purpose to touch people’s lives in one way or another, I urge you to identify it, write it down and show it to the your family, team, customers and community. Live by it and consciously allow it to flourish in the hearts and minds of those you touch. A higher purpose creates a culture that amplifies human flourishing.

Purpose is a passage to higher performance and even though it is not everything in any business, it outshines everything else and casts its light on all other aspects within any business such as leadership, teams, customers, marketing and sales. By using a strong sense of purpose as your beacon, it will help guide all your decisions and create an aura that enhances you in a fulfilling and passionate way that infiltrates into your team and allows them to perform as though the pharmacy is their own, this remarkable culture creates bonds between you, your team and your customers that are ever lasting. 

My purpose is to help create a health care industry that interacts with compassion and trust, so that each individual life is valued.

What’s your purpose… please share it with others so that we can stand shoulder to shoulder to make the world a better place.

With love… Mouhamad


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